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 C - Background Investigation

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PostSubject: C - Background Investigation   Sun Jul 03, 2011 1:45 pm


“Alright, so.... why are we spying on this guy again?” Shiro asked, peering around the corner of the building. Their target was about twenty meters away, currently buying a cinnamon bun from a vendor.

“Because, he's applying for a political job just below the council,” Sonya explained. “They feel that something is suspicious about him, so they want a thorough background check done on him. So, we're here to learn everything we can about him... and that means spying.”

Kenshin rubbed his chin. “Which makes sense and all... but this guy could be a little more interesting. So far, it's been like watching paint dry.”

Rubbing her eyes, Kagura let out a small sigh. “Yeah... All he's done is work in an office signing papers, and now gone and got a snack. It's hardly riveting.”

“Oh I'm sure that something interesting will happen sooner or later,” Sonya said. “We just have to keep watching.”

And so they did keep watching... and watching... and watching. Nothing out of the ordinary ever seemed to happen with this guy. They watched him for several days straight, and still nothing. They'd hardly call anything he did suspicious. They were just about to report back to their superiors with this information when the man finally did something different. Rather than going home one day, he took a left on a street and hurried out of sight. They were able to follow him perfectly fine, into a back alley, and then a run down building.

“Huh... wonder what he's doing in there,” Shiro said, coming up to the building and looking in the window. He glanced around a little bit, curiously, and then finally spotted something. His eyes instantly widened in shock. He didn't move, speechless.

Sonya blinked at her stunned student, and then went up to the window as well, looking inside. She, too, felt her eye twitch a little bit. She quickly covered Shiro's eyes and moved him away from the window. The poor kid was likely scarred for life now... what had just been seen could not be unseen.

“Okay... let's go report back now...” she said in a small whisper, slowly moving away from the building with her team. There was no reason that the others needed to see what was going on inside, even if they kept asking what it was that they saw. She just kept telling them to never mind and keep moving.

Apparently, their good friend, Mr. I want to be a political figure, was a fan of orgies.... ones without even a single woman. Somehow, she didn't think that the council would be a fan of that fact... He'd be wished well in whatever future endeavors he happened to take on, but it certainly wouldn't be anything in politics.

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C - Background Investigation
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