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 C - Guard the Singer

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PostSubject: C - Guard the Singer   Sun Jul 03, 2011 1:44 pm


“Back! Back you vultures!” Kagura shouted, fending off the rabid fans with a chair. God there were so many of them! And to think, they were all just trying to break through the backstage area in order to see their favorite singer.

“I don't know how much longer we can hold them back!” Kenshin said, trying to reinforce the metal barriers. They wouldn't hold much longer. Damn fangirls and fanboys were just so stupidly strong when they wanted to get to their idol.

“You guys distract them!” Shiro stated, moving back around the backstage area. “I'll get Ami out of here.”

Taketsu Ami, national singing sensation, had come on a tour to Suna to sing tonight, and it was their job to act as her security for the concert. Things had gone just fine at the beginning and all through the event, but once it was over, the fans had gone insane, trying to break through security and meet their favorite singer. Honestly, would was THIS obsessed with someone?!

“Go and bring her around the side entrance,” Sonya instructed Shiro, moving past him. “I think I can provide them with a decent distraction.”

“Right, sensei!” he declared, disappearing around the side of the corridor.

With a single hand sign, Sonya instantly transformed into a perfect image of Ami. Then, she went right ahead to the front of the barriers to reveal herself. “Hey everybody, I'm right heeeere! Come and get me!”

The fans shrieked with excitement as they all started to chase after her. Needless to say, they wouldn't actually be catching her any time soon. After all, she was a shinobi, and they were mindless drones. She led them through the stadium, out into the streets, all throughout Suna. She twisted, turned, jumped on buildings, dove across street vendors, while making sure she stayed within their sight, so they would chase her as far as possible away from the real Ami.

After about an hour of this, Sonya was sure to make herself disappear, hiding where the fans wouldn't be able to find her. They all ran past, now searching for a ghost. Undoing the transformation, she stepped back out into the street, put her hands in her pockets, and started walking back to the stadium, whistling to herself.

“So, how's she doing?” Sonya asked, when she returned to her team, who had now escorted Ami to the other end of the village.

“She's fine,” Shiro stated. “I made sure of that. No problem.”

Ami took a step forward and gave a bow. “Thanks for the help... I honestly think my fans are crazy some times. I mean, I'm just a person.”

Sonya chuckled. “Yes, well, that's people. They're crazy ones. In any case, we were happy to help. Next time you're in Suna on another tour, just look us up and we'll help you again.”

“Right, I'll do that,” she said, with a smile. “See you guys around.”

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C - Guard the Singer
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