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 C - Escort the Daimyo's Son

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PostSubject: C - Escort the Daimyo's Son   Sun Jul 03, 2011 1:42 pm


“Finally,” Shiro said, letting out a long breath, “a real mission. No more of this chasing dogs, painting houses crap. Now we get to show off our skills!”

Kenshin gave him a funny look. “We're just escorting a kid to and from Suna, it's not like we're about to lay waste to enemy ninja.”

“Psh, but that's the thing!” Shiro exclaimed. “This is an important kid, right? I mean, he's the daimyo's son and all. So, maybe someone will try to kidnap him for ransom! And that's when we get to pulverize the kidnappers!”

Kagura let out a long sigh. “Boys... I will never understand them.”

“Don't mind them,” Sonya said, giving her student a pat on the shoulder. “They're just excited, is all. Got to say, it will be a refreshing change of pace from all the grunt work we've been doing lately, though. Now that you're all ready for a C-rank that is. I have confidence in you all... so don’t screw anything up.”

Shiro rolled his eyes. “Come on, what could possibly go wrong?”

Famous last words, really.

They arrived at the designated pick up point a short while later. The daimyo's son was coming to Suna from their home for some tour of the big shinobi village or something, they weren't sure. All they were required to do, however, was escort him there, and then on his way back. Whatever happened to him between those times while he was on the tour was not their problem.

But, leave it to Shiro to go completely overboard with their job. What should have been a delightful stroll through the desert turned into a panic stricken horror fest with the overenthusiastic genin jumping and attack everything that moved, even if it was so much as a bird landing on a cactus. The poor daimyo's son would have to be frightened of the desert now, after Shiro went and convinced him that there were terrifying dangers lurking around every corner.

By the time they got back to Suna, the poor kid was huddling behind Sonya's legs and peeking around frantically, half expecting some evil monster to jump out at them at any moment. No matter how much she assured that there was nothing to be worried about, Shiro's damage had already been done.

“Gee, way to go,” Kagura said, as the kid left their care to go on the village tour. “He's probably frightened of his own shadow now.”

“Hey, I'm just doing my civic duty to make sure everyone's aware at all the potential things that could attack you at random. You have to be aware of these things!”

Kenshin shook his head. “Right, I'll remember that the next time I run into sand lizard basking in the sun. Maybe if I get the jump on him, he won't have time to flick his tongue at me and stare menacingly.”

Shiro folded his arms. “You all are just unprepared.”

At that moment, Sonya came up behind him and buried her knuckles into his back. It wasn't hard, but enough to give him a jump of fright. Shiro must have leaped a mile at the sudden attack, screaming and running forward only to trip over a pile of garbage cans.

Sonya giggled. “Oh yes, I can see you're very aware of life's dangers.”

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C - Escort the Daimyo's Son
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