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The night was young, hot, and the time seemed to go on forever where seconds felt like minutes, minutes seemed like hours, and hours seemed like eternity. Dante was running through the heat following one of his targets, it was a screw up on his part for allowing one of his targets spot him which scattered them off back to the hideout, this was presumably one of the important members of the small trio of bandits he had to deal with for his mission. He continued to follow the target before he screwed up again and missed his footing and started to fall, luckily he landed on top of the bandit taking him down, but this guy was rather huge, he was larger then Dante was which intimidated him somewhat.

The large bandit looked down at him and laughed before he turned around and started running again, something didn't seem right, something in his gut was telling him the bandit was leading him into an ambush of some sort, and it didn't sit well with Dante either way of how it was going, Getting back up to take chase after the bandit he heard a branch crack from behind him as he just started running again to resume his chase he quickly turned around and crossed his arms to absorb the attack, thank-fully it was from a huge fist but regardless it knocked him backwards landing on his back, “ugh, I knew something was wrong!” he grunted under his breath as he got back up and noticed there was the second one, but the third one had to be behind him to stop Dante from pursuing the first one, something didn't seem... he was cut from his thoughts as the fist came into view again but he rolled aside and started chasing after the first bandit again, “where are you going brat? We gotta show you what you get for following us and entering our territory!” the third one said cracking up with laughter at the thoughts of what he was going to do to Dante.

Dante ignored them as he soon found the first one again, but still hearing the second bandit somewhere behind him, “damn this kid is fast!” he said, oddly it only gave him more of a beneficial gain to push himself harder, barely catching up to the first one he saw a pouch hanging from the back of the bandit and grabbed it before he flickered out of view of the bandits making his escape as he opened the pouch to find he had gotten extremely lucky again, he had the family heirloom gem that he was sent to retrieve.

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