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 Waterfall hove

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PostSubject: Waterfall hove   Wed Jun 29, 2011 7:58 pm

Vorel Caex Knightslayer

With her little camp site set up Vorel looked about the area carefully, she had found a cozy cave that was hidden behind a waterfall and on a perfect day too, she was overcome with weariness and sweat that caused her to seek shelter. She was standing outside with little clothing on but enough to cover herself aside from her under garments, she took off her battledress that she wore a lot that was her mothers, she stepped into the water making her way to the water fall leaving a katana hidden inside her battledress in case of one of those unfortunate events of someone sneaking up on her.

After she cleaned off inside of the waterfall she dried off by sitting in the sun as she looked out at the scenery before her and smiled, it was a wonderful place to be, but something was missing even though she didn't mind the fact that she was sitting alone. She slowly stood up and put her battledress back on and walked back into the cave where she laid down on her bed that she made for herself, it was rather comfy for being a make shift bed but then again she had gotten used to them due to her sudden leaving of Kiri. Laying there she fell asleep and suddenly a dream came forth of a man standing in the light, the man looked at Vorel and smiled "my dear Vorel, why have you ignored me for all these years?" the man said, his voice rang in a superior way to her for some reason but she didn't mind it at all. "What do you mean? and who are you?" she asked wondering at the man, the man smiled even though Vorel couldn't see it "I mean I have been calling you over these years but you never cared to respond to any of my callings, but alas you have now and I want to show you that there is a group that one of my followers has set up, seek this man out in the Cathedral of my worship and you shall find the man named Itami, seek him out and tell him his god has sent you and you shall be welcomed to a new home with new allies at your side." the man said. Vorel looked at the man and tilted her head to the side and nodded "sounds all good and dandy but what is asked from me? whats my part in this scheme of yours? I'm not stupid." she said wondering about what this mysterious man wanted from her, "I shall give you directions and if you don't like what is asked of you, you can always leave and my head follower will give you free passage to leave." the man said, she pondered it over before nodding and then woke up and it was day light out again.
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Waterfall hove
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