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 Vorel's Equipment

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PostSubject: Vorel's Equipment   Sun Jun 26, 2011 2:44 pm

Name - Frostmourne
Rank - A
Type – Sword
Size – medium
Owner - Vorel
Description - Frostmourne's appearance – This long sword can be wielded by one hand or two hands and the best part it glows! The sword is very strong and durable but needs maintenance just like any other weapon but cannot break regardless of the lack of maintenance. The swords true hidden power is that it can be used with Vorel's kekkai genkai (ice) in regards of attacking, it can create an ice spear attack that when it hits, it freezes anything within a five foot radius of where the spear hits into a solid ice surface to freeze enough to make the surface solid ice, if it hits a living target its only enough to act like a bind, if someone were to smash the ice the being would be free but suffering from minor chills through-out the body, and when this ability is used it glows a dark blue hue around the blade making this attack not very stealthy but worry some for any opponent faced against this blade.

Name – Fujin's Blade
Rank - B
Type - Sword
Size - Large
Owner - Vorel
Description - Fujin's Blade – Looks the same as a normal Nodachi except the color of it and the feel of it, this sword is based upon the wind of Vorel's elements and as such uses that element to make the sword covered in a clearly visible chakra color that makes it larger and longer then it normally is, but using this ability drains Vorel horribly as its such a chakra based weapon, although the wind added to the blade makes it much more sharper then it is normally.

Name - Judgement
Rank - A
Type - Armor
Size - Medium
Owner - Vorel
Description - Judgement armor pic - The armor is made of a hard metallic like substance that is stronger then steel but lighter in weight matching minus the helmets shown in the picture. Although that doesn't mean that she can run for endless miles in this armor without having to stop from it being super light which is not the case, this armor puts some weight down on her still but there's a secret to how she gets around without it burdening her all the time, she has a seal on her stomach that she can store the armor as well as summon it out on a given notice. This armor is strong enough to stop stabbing weapons from piercing through but it still hurts her regardless of the protection.

Name - Judgements Vision
Rank - A
Type - Helmet
Size - Medium
Owner - Vorel
Description - Judgements Vision pic - This Helmet is to hide her face from those she doesn't want to know who or what her face looks like, this special helmet is stored with her armor and weighs next to nothing compared to the armor, although this nifty helmet is a natural protection against the suns rays from making the sun seem unfair.
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Vorel's Equipment
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