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PostSubject: Genjutsu   Wed Apr 20, 2011 2:14 am

Name - Kumori Zetsubou - Shadow Despair
Type - Gen
Rank - S
Element - None
Creator - Sumiyoshi Hiei
Status - Private
Description - This Genjutsu was created and now utilized by Sumiyoshi Hiei. Since its creation, it has become his trademark ability, and an excellent weapon for his village. It is rumored to be one of the most powerful Genjutsu in existance, said to rival the Sharingan's ability "Tsukuyomi". In order to acitvate, the user must first perform the Dragon Hand-Seal. As this is done, they must look at the opponent and keep concentration. The opponent must then look at the hand-seal. As they do so, the initial effect sets in motion.
-1, 2 post duration: This first effect targets the sense of sight. It causes the opponent to see the hand-seals Hiei is performing. No matter where they look, they will see him perform the Horse, Ram, Monkey and Bird hand seals repeatedly. After three repititions, the opponent's sense of touch, smell and sight begin to be affected at a high level. Black smog appears around them, engulfing them. It pushes its way into their lungs through any air hole it can find, be it the nose or the mouth. They feel as if their body is about to explode. They can feel the smog smothering them and pushing itself into their body.
-3rd post: Upon the third post, the smog will disappear, and the opponent will feel considerably better. However, the illusion is still ongoing, likely without their knowledge. However, by the end of this post, they will feel a sudden and sharp pain in their head.
-4+ posts: After this pain, they will begin to witness the most devastating of illusions. They will feel their eye's begin to bleed. Blood also flows from their nose, ears and mouth. Random parts of their bodies will cut open and explode, causing a great deal of pain and potentially great mental damage. The longer it lasts, the more extreme the illusion will become. Eventually, their body will look and feel as if it's rotting from the inside out. They will see their limbs fall to the ground.
-Duration is based off of the formula placed in the rules section.
-After use, Hiei is literally exhausted. He has little to no Chakra, and cannot continue fighting. This is, therefore, an all or nothing technique.

ame - Magen: Nikushoku no Yasude – Demonic Illusion: Carnivorous Millipede
Type - Gen
Rank - S
Element - None
Creator - Douza
Status - Private
Description - Gives the unfortunate victim the illusion that a foot long millipede has eaten it's way into their body from the bottom of their foot and is now crawling and devouring it's way up just under their skin. To prevent something as terrible as the genjutsu ending prematurely when the victim does something silly like stab themselves, more smaller millipedes swarm up to their fingers... and devour them in seconds. After one post the large millipede reaches their hip. With two posts it's burrowed its way into their shoulder. At three it digs it's way through their skull and begins to eat away their brain.
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