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 Jousting Substitute

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Karasu Taiga

The Fair was odd to Taiga to say the least. He was practically out of his element but enjoying the festivities, that came with such events. This was what most might think of a rennisance fair. It was bold beautiful and everything seemed to fit nicely together. Tents, Horses, Armor, festivities, and even people talking in the old accents. Some of them even hard to understand.

"Taiga-san!" The young Shinobi heard called out to him causing him to pivot on his heels to a young woman, short with brunette hair and a busty build. Clad in garb of the time. Obviously set up as a Manager of the Jousting team he'd heard about. This was his client. Mai Shirosawa.

"Hello." Taiga approached and bowed, only to have a hand stuffed forward at him, palm aside. Taiga understanding quickly retconned his bow into a friendly handshake. "It's nice to meet you."

"Quickly the competition starts in an hour and I want to see if they were actually the best they could send us." Mai nodded quickly pulling Taiga off by the hand, through tents and back lots finally arriving at the Braeland Jousting team staging area. "Ok!" She said leading him to horse, armor and lance. "Lets see what you got."

Taiga moved up to the armor and started dressing himself in it. It was unwieldy, Mai laughed and then whistled, and just as suddenly as she did, several job-dressed servants came out of the woodwork and practically armored Taiga. It was pretty quick and they knew what they were doing. Next came the Horse. Several attendants came up and stated pulling, to get him up. Taiga for all of his strength pulled free and mounted the horse. This left several of the Servants agast at his strength.

The Horse knew was well trained, Taiga maneuvered it easily enough. It was an older purebred horse. Large. Powerful. They would be a great combination. Taiga raised his hand down and received a Lance from one of the Servant-actors. It was solid. Whoever was funding this group had a lot of cash to throw around.

"How do I look?" Taiga asked holding the lance up, and showing off what little he could make the horse do.

"Like an old fashioned Warrior." Mai chirped back. "But looks wont win us this competition. SO!" She pointed to a target up on a stick not ten meters away. "Lets see whatcha got!"

Taiga nodded quickly moving the horse around and giving it a swift kick in the haunches to get it up to a gallop. Sure he'd never used a Lance before but He'd learned how to use one as part of his father's training regiment. When he arrived the lances tip nailed the edge of the target causing the rim to splinter off. It left most of the sign intact. Taiga slowed his horse and trotted it back around for another try. Mai seemed slightly impressed. She was however of the notion that Taiga had trained for a while. After all they were not able to send a specialist. However a Weapon Master was the best they could do at her price.

That was when the Horn went off. Several clouds that had settled in over head opened up. It would seem as though the festivities would be cancelled. "Well Taiga-san." Mai said looking up from the umbrella that her servant had gotten her. "There's always next year." She seemed to pout but there was nothing even a shinobi could do about this.
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Jousting Substitute
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