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 God Hand - Hatake Karasu

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PostSubject: God Hand - Hatake Karasu   Wed Jun 22, 2011 5:18 pm

Character Description


Basic Information

Profile Name: Mafia
Character Name: Hatake Karasu
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 5'5
Weight: 95
Personality: arrogant, proud, cocky, rude, chaotic
Loves: having power
Likes: his life so far
Dislikes: people who think their stronger then him
Relationship Status: Single
Family: Hatake family

Basic Info Continued

Rank: Sannin-Shounin
Village: Rouge ninja
Position: Shounin member
Team: Shounin
Clan: none
Affinity: Lightning
Second Affinity: fire
Inventory: (Your character's inventory, including weapons and other equipment)


Said to be the mirror of the famous ninja Itachi hailing for the Hatake family known for producing legendary ninja. As an infant, his father found him able to remember things he had forgotten about months ago, he rushed to start his ninja training doing so with hand signs with him being able to preform them perfectly after the first time he saw them. He was then taught the curriculum of the ninja academy. When he became of age to join the ninja academy, he was tested being placed in the same class as candidates for genin. He passed the exam as expected moving on to pass his genin exam. Completing the missions given to him were a pain, such easy tasks, unneeded experience angered him. His father suggested to the council that he be taken on a B rank mission with him, they agreed and he was taken along and killed two special jounin level ninja. His father's team write of this in their report resulting in Karasu closely being watched at all times closely by the village leaders. He entered the chuunin exam not quite showing what the board wanted as a chuunin but his victory's were flawless forcing the council to appoint him to chuunin. He entered the anbu like all family members becoming captain a month later. His skills become feared even to those in the same village as him. He quit the anbu because of repetion, the same thing mission after mission. He was offered the rank of special jounin, his skills were thought to be one of the best in village but was given the rank because he would be to young to lead anyone. He accepted taking on S rank mission but those too became out of his interest.

Character Stats

Stamina: 5
Speed: 5
Strength: 1
Intelligence: 2
Chakra Control: 3
Ninjutsu: 5
Taijutsu: 2
Genjutsu: 3


Current AP:
Current TP:
Current Ryo:




Nawanuke no Jutsu - Escaping Skill
Bunshin no Jutsu - Clone Technique
Henge no Jutsu - Transformation Technique
Kawarimi no Jutsu - Change of Body Stance Technique
Kakuremino no Jutsu - Magic Cloak of Invisibility Technique


Body Flicker Technique
Temporary Body Paralysis Technique
Roof Tile Shuriken
Sexy Technique
Shadowing Stealth Technique
Haze Clone Technique
Paper Shuriken


Crow Clone Technique
Exploding Seal Method Formation
Soften Modification
Chakra Absorption Technique
Lightning Release: Shuriken
Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique


Lightning Beast Running Technique
Chidori Katana
Fire Release: Ash Pile Burning


Chidori Sharp Spear
Chidori Needles
Lightning Release Shadow Clone Technique
Fire Release: Running Fire


Lightning Release Armor



Cherry Blossom Impact
Achiever of Nirvana Fist Style
Lion Combo


Genjutsu Interrogation Technique
Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique
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God Hand - Hatake Karasu
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