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PostSubject: Dragoth   Sat Jun 18, 2011 3:49 pm

Name - Dragoth
Rank - S
Type - Armor
Size - Heavy
Owner - Fu Xi
Description - Heavy Plate male armor that Fu Xi wears whenever he goes into battle. By wearing the armor he provides extra protection for himself, along with adding some strength to his taijutsu blows due to the metal and the spikes along the armor. The secret ability of this armor is how powerful its protection truly is though. By making some hand signs and sacrificing a large amount of chakra, Fu Xi will cast an orb of chakra around him that can withstand any single attack thrown at him. It however does not last very long, and Fu xi is only able to use it once per fight for fear of exhaustion.

The armor does slow Fu Xi down if he uses it for too long in a battle. However, once discarded he can resume his full speed once again.
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