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PostSubject: Nuibari   Sat Jun 18, 2011 3:35 pm

Name - Nuibari
Rank - S
Type - Sewing Longsword
Size - Medium
Owner - Mai Kaguya (Eventually)
Description - Nuibari, the Sewing Needle, is one of the seven swords of the mist. It resembles a large needle-like sword, with an eye in the base of the hilt. A long length of wire is tied to the base of the hilt. By feeding chakra into the sword, the wire expands, though if the user is low on chakra regular wire can be used in its place. Nuibari's wire is incredibly strong and durable, and could be used as a weapon in its own right. The blade has incomparable piercing potential, and is usually used for jabs rather than slashes. By stabbing through an enemy, one can reel the wire through their body and stitch them to objects, or other enemies. The blade can be manipulated at range by using wire manipulation jutsu, or thrown and retrieved with ease.
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