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PostSubject: Sairento   Sat Jun 18, 2011 3:35 pm

Name - Sairento
Rank - B
Type - Sword
Size - Medium
Owner - Rakdos Hanyou
Description - Along with being a useful, sharp blade for both penetrating blows and slashing blows, the blade has a very unique ability. The sword is incapable of making any sound, so when it hits an enemy, or is drawn from it's sheath the sound of metal cannot be heard. This is particularly useful for stealth missions, when any type of noise might alert your enemy to your position. Along with this, once the blade has damaged an enemy, they will be unable to use their vocal cords for three posts. This makes them unable to scream or give any information to their allies, normally allowing Rakdos the time he needs to finish them off. When used successfully, an enemy will be killed without anyone ever realizing it.

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