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 Mission 2: Escort Duty 2

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Mission 2: Escort Duty 2 Empty
PostSubject: Mission 2: Escort Duty 2   Mission 2: Escort Duty 2 EmptyMon Jun 06, 2011 1:11 pm

Ouka Hyūga

Rank: Special Jōnin

Ouka had risen early today and spent several hours quietly training herself in the expansive Hyūga compound.
Later on, she checked, as she did every morning, if there was a mission she could complete; there hadn’t been much in the past few days. It had been seven days since her last mission however, and she had a feeling this morning would be different. She was right – the same client as before, and asking for her specifically. This time, her assignment was the exact opposite of what it had been a week earlier: Meet the client at the address of his relatives and escort him back to the village safely. It was a day earlier than expected, but it mattered little.

The journey back to the residence outside the Hidden Leaf Village where she met her client was swift and uneventful, Ouka moving with all speed and stealth through the forests themselves rather than keeping to the road, so it took far less time than it had before.
She soon arrived, and stood before the gates, waiting for her client to arrive.

“Miss Ouka – I wasn’t expecting you until tomorrow morning. Do come in, please.” He asked as the door opened and he saw her standing there. “Share a cup of tea before we set off.” Ouka accepted gratefully, as she was parched, but her expression remained carefully neutral. The client’s tone, which had been politely disdainful a week before, was genuinely respectful. The rat-faced man was evidently opulent, as were his relatives, who were obsequious but seemed genuinely pleased to meet her – she guessed it had less to do with her personally and more with her status as a daughter of the Hyūga clan – branch family or not.

The two of them set out again roughly an hour later. As before, she ran ahead, while her client rode on horseback. The roads had been cleared since they last passed through, and there was this time no sign of any ambush. Yet. However her Byakugan revealed to her that there were rather more human chakra signatures in the surrounding woods than one should expect.
This time however, she would launch the first strike.
She cast a Clone Technique and the insubstantial doppelganger took her place as she slipped quietly into the woods to the side, using her Byakugan to monitor the client while she silently stalked the first target, a kunai in hand, and slit his throat.
She quietly followed suit with the next two, stalking them and killing them silently while her targets gathered themselves for an inevitable attack.
She had eliminated six in this fashion when one attacked her Clone, which immediately dispersed.
“It’s a fake – the old bastard’s solo! Everyone attack!” She heard, then cast a Transformation Technique, and stepped out with the others.
The client stopped, terrified, when nine armed bandits appeared from the shadows around them.
The leader turned to one of them, a slight, dark-faced man armed with twin short swords, and asked.
“What the hell’s going on? Where are Kazuma and the others?”
“This old guy hired a shinobi who was killing them. Some high-and-mighty Hyūga bitch from the village. Caught her by surprise as she was killing one of us, stabbed her in the neck. Took these from her – spoils of war. She nailed six of us before going down though.” The man held out the two slender blades he held, which the client recognized as Ouka’s wakizashi.
Then he looked at the bandit again, at the way he walked – too smooth, too graceful for a mere bandit. And he saw what they all had missed. He relaxed visibly, which the leader noticed as they closed around him, and he tensed.

Too late he realized the mistake – there were five of his men missing, yet the smaller bandit had said six. As he turned towards the imposter, condensed chakra lined the edges of the two short blades, which suddenly exploded into motion, stabbing forward with lightning speed towards the chest of the bandit nearest. He blocked, but the attacker - Ouka - then leapt up over him and slashed downwards, cutting him open from shoulder to hip before spearing his neighbor with another forward thrust. She took a step back and spun on the spot, hacking this one open horizontally as her Transformation Technique expired. She now stood in the midst of the bandits, blood-stained blades in hand, and activated her Byakugan. The surviving bandits all attacked, launching weapons and a couple of elemental ninjutsu techniques at her as she released her swords, while several of them charged her directly. Her blades hit the ground as she initiated her next technique, an A-Rank taijutsu developed generations before by Hinata Hyūga: Shugo Hakke Rokujuuyonshou
Thin strands of highly condensed chakra shot outwards from her palms as she moved, creating an impenetrable sphere of chakra rods that blocked the incoming attacks and cut to ribbons the unfortunate bandits caught within the sphere.

As she released the jutsu, only two remained. She formed quick hand signs and launched her next attack.
“Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique!” A massive dragon of pure flame shot forward and hit one of them, taking him out with severe burns.
She grabbed her two swords, prepared to attack the remaining bandit, but he had fled already. Breathing heavily, she sheathed her blades and the two started out.
No further attacks followed, and Ouka and her client soon reached the village and went their separate ways. For her part, Ouka went home to rest.

Mood: Normal
Condition: Healthy
STATS: Stamina: 2 • Speed: 2 • Strength: 2 • Intelligence: 2 • Chakra Control: 2 Ninjutsu: 3 • Taijutsu: 4 • Genjutsu: 2
Weapons/Equipment: Wakizashi x2 • Kunai x3 • Shuriken x15
AP: 6 TP: 2000
Ryo: 3000

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Mission 2: Escort Duty 2
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