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PostSubject: Genjutsu   Wed Apr 20, 2011 2:13 am

Name - Mōen: Hitsuji Gumo Relax Awa – Enchantment: Sheap Cloud Relax Bubble
Type - Gen
Rank - C
Element - None
Creator - Kyle
Status - Private
Description - A visual genjutsu developed by Rin. Rin performs hand seals and suddenly the Rin the victim sees seems to strip off her clothes in front of them. A bath tub pops out of nowhere (the victim doesn't question it) and they see Rin going into it. Taking a bath in front of the victim's eyes, Rin mesmerizes them and then invites them in to join her. Meanwhile, the real Rin (who has not stripped) can just sit there, or escape. She cannot harm the victim while in this technique, so let them have some fun!

Name – Shadow Illusion Style: Devil’s Snare
Type – Genjutsu
Rank - C
Element - None
Creator – Artemis_Sol
Status - Private
Description – Upon the user’s command, the genjutsu will begin and shadows within the area will appear to writhe and morph into a snake-like plant called Devil’s Snare. Although the snares are merely real but intangible shadow, to the victim, they will appear to be capable of leaping up and snagging an opponent, causing panic. The more the opponent moves, the more vigorously the snares will react.
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