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 Eliminate the Bandits

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PostSubject: Eliminate the Bandits   Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:14 pm


Sonya took in a deep breath and slowly let it out. It was her first mission since becoming a chuunin... her first mission since failing Aimi for the second time. She was on a three man squad this time, with two other older, more experienced chuunin, but that didn't mean she was going to put any less effort forth. This was the base of the bandits that killed Aimi. She would make them suffer. She would kill them all. They had orders to take the leader alive... and she supposed that she should follow them... but she had no intention of doing so. She didn't care what the orders were, she would have her revenge.

“Sonya, you take the north end,” Myu said, motioning for her to go on. “Shina and I will take the south. We'll hit them from both sides. Use your fire jutsus to cause a panic, it'll take them by surprise and we can move in amidst the chaos.”

Sonya slowly nodded. “Right... I'll do that. Just wait for the fireworks.”

With that, she left her two companions and moved along the north end of the encampment. She just had to get into position and then she would initiate the attack. Then the killing could begin. The camp was only twenty yards away, but the jungle was thick, hiding her. She quickly proceeded into the prime spot and waited for several moments, before finally making several hand signs. She held a hand to her mouth and breathed in deeply, preparing for her newest technique. A moment later, she breathed out and unleashed a massive jet of fire that raced across the ground with blinding speed. Instantly, the jungle around the camp was engulfed in the seething flames.

She half smiled to herself as the bandits began running around in panic. She enjoyed their torment... it was their turns to suffer. Looking carefully, she saw Myu and Shina heading into the burning camp to make their attack. They were already cutting down the bandits. Well, they couldn't have all the fun... it was Sonya's turn. Letting out a shout, she flickered towards the center of the mayhem with a kunai and began cutting throats. She lost count of how many fell in front of her. Though she didn't realize it at the time, her body was soaked with the blood of her enemies, weighing down her clothes with the crimson color.

Sonya had her sharignan activated already. She used it take down everyone she met in a matter of seconds. While she was a worthy shinobi without it, she was purely lethal with it. There wasn't a single action they made that she couldn't see perfectly. She could see how they were going to move, where they were going to move, all before they got there. Nothing could stop her now.

Nothing, that is, until she felt an explosive blast on her backside. She flipped through the air, managing to keep herself upright, turning around to see what had attacked her. Her eyes came to rest on a tall man making hand signs. So, this must be the bandit leader... and he knew ninjutsu? It didn't matter, she'd take him out too! She ran straight at him, dodging his next attack and spinning through the air while whipping out her windmill shuriken and wire. She threw them, manipulating them perfectly, and binding him. He struggled to break free, but she had him, he wasn't going anywhere.

“Heheh, got you,” she said with a maniacal laugh. “Now it's time for you to die!”

Pulling back one of her shuriken, she prepare to throw it again, her goal to decapitate him. However, someone stopped her arm in mid throw.

“Sonya!” It was Shina. “Good work in capturing the leader, but our orders are to take him in alive.”

Sonya hesitated, her eye twitching slightly. No, no they couldn't take him alive, they couldn't let him go. This was the guy that had ordered the attack on the caravan, the attack that killed Aimi. He deserved to die! Swallowing, she looked back at Shina and growled. “Let go of me!”

“Sonya, calm down,” Myu said. “I don't know what's gotten into you, but you know the mission orders.”

“Screw the orders!” Sonya shot back, trying to tear her arm away from Shina. “He deserves to die just like the rest of them! I'll make him bleed, I swear!”

Shina yanked her arm back harder. “Sonya, stop!”

“NO!” Sonya struggled, putting up a resistance. Her other hand grabbed her kunai, lashing out violently with it. The blade swished through the air and sliced through Shina's throat, dropping her instantly. Turning from her, she threw the windmill shuriken at last. “DIE YOU BASTARD!”

The blade swiftly decapitated the bandit leader, causing a massive spray of blood to fountain into the air. Sonya laughed insanely, delighted at it.

“SONYA!” Myu shrieked, rushing to Shina's side. But the girl was already dead. “What have you done? What have you DONE?!”

“She was... was in my way,” Sonya muttered, still giggling to herself. “I had... had to.”

“You... you fucking bitch!” Myu charged her, wildly, set on killing her. “You killed her! You fucking killed her!”

Sonya reacted instantly, her sharingan vision easily outmatching the charging girl. She drove the kunai blade straight into her heart. “And now I killed yooouuu,” she chimed, laughing again.

Sonya let Myu drop to the ground, gurgling up a mouthful of blood. For several moments, Sonya snickered and laughed to herself, happily. “You see, Aimi? I'm not worthless. I can be strong, strong for you. I can make you proud! Are you proud Aimi? Are you?”

It was at that moment that she started coming back to her senses. Her laughing slowly stopped and she looked around at the wreckage, and the bodies of her comrades. Her eye twitched again. What... what had she done? She hadn't meant to... to do any of this... she had to, they were in her way... but she wasn't supposed to kill them! She wasn't supposed to! Why were they dead?!

“No, no, no no no no no no no no no,” Sonya uttered rapidly to herself, holding her hands to her head and staring wide eyes. “What did I do, what did I do, what did I do?!”

She couldn't go back to Iwa now, what was she supposed to say? She failed again! She got her comrades killed again! She knew what the people would say. They'd call her killer, murderer. The Tsuchikage would throw her in jail, she'd rot away in a cell forever. She couldn't go back!

So instead she ran. She fled the jungle and didn't stop until she was far, far away from the mountains.
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Eliminate the Bandits
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