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 Bijuu Abilities

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PostSubject: Bijuu Abilities   Wed Jun 01, 2011 1:29 pm

Jinchurikis are allowed 4 selected abilities from the following list.

Universal Abilities

The following are abilities that any jinchuriki can choose from as part of their 4 selected traits.

Name – Bijuu Healing
Element – None
Description – When releasing each stage of a Bijuu's power, the Jinchuriki's wounds will become fully healed. This can be done even when the Jinchuriki is unable to do so, as the Bijuu will initiate the release and heal itself to maintain its own existence. Even without releasing the Bijuu's power, the Jinchuriki will heal from regular injuries faster than a normal shinobi.

Name – Tailed Beast Ball
Element – None
Description – The Tailed Beast Ball is the ultimate attack of a tailed beast. To form the attack, they gather both positive black chakra and negative white chakra, shape it into a sphere, then compress it inside their mouth. The black and white chakra needs to be balanced at an 8:2 ratio respectively or it will backfire. The power of the attack is also relative to the power of the user. The Jinchuriki can use this ability, though they need to be in their full tailed beast forms. A Tailed Beast Ball is incredibly dense due to the black and white chakra, causing the ground sunk underneath the weight after it's swallowed. Should the jinchūriki lose control of their Tailed Beasts, they can perform this technique despite not being fully transformed, as seen when Naruto Uzumaki used it in his four and six-tailed forms. Even without a full transformation, the technique is capable of destroying three Rashōmon gates without losing any of its momentum. As shown by the Eight and Nine-Tails, they can fire the attack in a number of ways. They can either fire it in its ball form, which gives it a large explosion range, or as a concentrated beam of energy which gives it great momentum and power.

Name – Corrosive Chakra
Element – None
Description – When a Jinchuriki is released and enveloped in the Bijuu's chakra cloak, anyone in prolonged contact with the cloak will begin to burn and corrode where they are touching it, very painfully. Brief contact with the cloak will cause minor pain and burns, but no severe permanent damage.

Name – Extra Element
Element – None
Description – The Jinchuriki obtains another passive affinity, bringing the total up to two when below jounin rank, and three when reaching jounin. This allows the Jinchuriki to learn more elemental techniques than otherwise obtainable. Note that the element gained is specific to each Bijuu and are as followed- One Tails: Wind, Two Tails: Fire, Three Tails: Water, Four Tails: Earth, Five Tails: Water, Six Tails: Water, Seven Tails: Lightning, Eight Tails: Lightning, Nine Tails: Fire.

Name – Chakra Sensing
Element – None
Description – The Jinchuriki is able to sense chakra to a degree greater than most sensor-nin. Not only can they sense a person's chakra from great distances, they can sense exactly how much chakra that person has, as well as their current emotions. The Jinchuriki can sense more than one person at a time, too, in such cases as being able to sense exactly how many numbers an opposing enemy force has, for example, or how many people are in a village.

Name – Sonic Roar
Element – None
Description – The released Jinchuriki uses their massive chakra reserve to turn a simple roar into a powerful force of pressure and destruction. The Nine-Tails' jinchūriki, Naruto Uzumaki, in his initial jinchuriki form used his roar to go through Sasuke Uchiha's Great Fireball Technique, and years later in his three-tailed form created a powerful sphere of destruction against Kabuto Yakushi and Orochimaru. This ability can be used to completely disperse powerful attacks.

Name – Chakra Arms
Element – None
Description – This is an ability a Jinchuriki is able to perform when in a released form. They can use the arms in the form of grappling hooks, to either grab onto objects or enemies. Combined with Corrosive Chakra, this can be quite an effective offensive ability, able to grab and burn opponents from a distance.

Unique Abilities

Some Bijuu have specific traits and abilities, and will take up one of their 4 selected ability slots.

One Tail

Name – Sand Control
Element – Sand
Description – The One Tail Jinchuriki has the ability to manipulate sand, and use sand based techniques. The Jinchuriki may not be a part of a clan.

Two Tails

Name – Two-Tailed Monster Cat Fire Ball
Element – Fire
Description – The Jinchuriki, while in full Two-Tails form, fires a huge spectral fireball made of chakra and fire that explodes on contact. These blasts are very destructive, and can reduce her surroundings to rubble.

Three Tails

Name – Three-Tailed Giant Turtle Water Ball
Element – Water
Description – The Three-Tailed Giant Turtle gathers raw chakra, along with water, into a single compressed sphere before firing it at its target. The Three-Tails has shown the ability to create two water-balls at the same time. These water balls are highly destructive, capable of reducing buildings to rubble.

Name – Illusionary Mist
Element – Water
Description – The Three-Tailed Giant Turtle releases a mist created by its chakra to put intruders under an illusion. The illusion torments the target with events from their past. The illusion will vanish if the victim can break the illusion, either by themselves or with the assistance of another. Normal genjutsu restrictions apply.

Four Tails

Name – Lava Sprays
Element – Lava
Description – The Four Tails, while in a released form, can spit out streams of molten hot lava, capable of burning and melting most things. These lava sprays are weak to water jutsus.

Six Tails

Name – Storm Release
Element – Storm
Description – The Six Tails Jinchuriki has the ability to manipulate the storm element, and use storm related techniques. While unreleased, the jinchuuriki can use D and C ranked Ranton techniques. In Stage One, they can use B and A ranked ranton techniques, and in Stage Two they can use S-ranked ranton techniques. The Jinchuriki must learn these techniques normally, and cannot be a part of another clan.

Eight Tails

Name – Ink Creation
Element – None
Description – The Eight Tails Jinchuriki is able to form ink in his mouth. The ink can be used for a variety of things, such as using his ink covered finger as a makeshift pencil or using the ink to blind an opponent. Killer Bee used this technique in greater extent when he was able to cover the whole water prison with his ink in order to blind Kisame.

Release Stages

Each Jinchuriki has three different stages of releases that can be used under different circumstances-

Stage 1: The first released stage refers to the Jinchuriki harnessing their Bijuu's chakra on the basic level, gaining several specific animal traits in relation to the Beast, as well as a chakra cloak, with or without tails, depending on the Bijuu. Their physical abilities are increased. This release can be used under most any circumstances. Enables the use of: Corrosive Chakra, Chakra Arms, Illusionary Mist, Bijuu Healing.

Stage 2: The second released stage refers to the Jinchuriki taking on a miniature form of their Bijuu, a cross between their own form and that of the Beast. This form may be either an actual physical animal appearance or one more chakra based. In this form, their physical abilities are further increased beyond that of Stage 1. This stage may only be used under dire circumstances, such as when the lives of those the Jinchuriki cares about are in danger, or when their village is being attacked. Enables the use of: Sonic Roar, Lava Sprays, Bijuu Healing.

Stage 3: The third released stage refers to when the Jinchuriki takes on their full Bijuu form, though still not having allowed the Bijuu to take full control. In this form, usually chakra based, but not always, the Jinchuriki's physical abilities are increased further still, to levels usually requiring multiple high level shinobi to fight off. They are also typically the size of boss level summons. This form may only be used with advance planning in regards to story, and with the permission of those involved. Enables the use of: Tailed Beast Ball, Two-Tailed Monster Cat Fire Ball, Three-Tailed Monster Turtle Water Ball, Bijuu Healing.

Abilities usable in any stage, and when not released: Extra Element, Chakra Sensing, Ink Creation, Sand Control, Storm Release.
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Bijuu Abilities
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