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 Mission 1: Escort Duty

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Mission 1: Escort Duty Empty
PostSubject: Mission 1: Escort Duty   Mission 1: Escort Duty EmptyMon May 30, 2011 6:01 pm

Ouka Hyūga

Rank: Special Jōnin

“Hmm. So you are the escort assigned to protect me. I was expecting someone a little more...experienced.” Said the client, a slender, rat-faced man in expensive garb. Ouka remained stone-faced, though his condescension annoyed her. The two stood at the gates of the village, which hung open. For this mission, Ouka had elected to openly wear the two wakizashi that were her weapon of choice around her waist, rather than use summoning scrolls to carry them. She also carried an assortment of kunai and shuriken - just in case.
“Yes, sir. I will be taking on the duty of escorting you to your destination, as well as on your return thence to the Hidden Leaf.”
-”And you’re confident you can handle it, young lady.”
-”I am a Hyūga, sir. I’m absolutely confident I can fulfill my duty.”
-”Very well then. Let us be off.”
Ouka stepped out the door in front of her client, her every sense on alert.
The doors slowly closed behind them, and they went on; her client, of course, was on horseback. Ouka herself walked, easily able to keep pace with the animal.
They had been on the road for some time and were come to a point where the road narrowed significantly, when Ouka activated her Byakugan, which revealed multiple chakra signatures ahead.
“Hmm...how utterly predictable.” She scoffed, then turned to her client. “There are five people ahead of us, and they have blocked the road. I would guess they aim to rob you. Normally I would suggest you stand back, but I suspect they will expect it.”
As she spoke, she saw something whip towards her, and snatched a kunai out of the air, then threw it back.
“That’s far enough!” Said the leader of the five bandits who, indeed, stood across the road, all armed. “There’s a toll to pay to cross our road, missy.”
-”I categorically refuse.” She stated evenly. “This road belongs not to you, but to the Hidden Leaf Village, and my client and I will pass unmolested.” As she spoke, she moved forward and assumed a martial arts stance. The intent of the gesture was unmistakable as a challenge, and the enemy took it as such.
Two of them charged. She attacked immediately. “Eight Trigrams - Air Palm!” She called out as she struck, and the first of her opponents went flying. She followed up immediately with an attack on the other.
“Eight Trigrams - Sixty-Four Palms!” She unleashed a flurry of blows, each precisely targeting one of her opponent’s vital points. The unfortunate bandit collapsed.
She formed the hand seals for her next technique, then drew her blades before activating Hien, the Flying Swallow technique; chakra gathered and condensed along the cutting edge of both blades.
Her next opponent - the leader - was dead before he hit the ground, as she closed with Body Flicker and sliced him open from hip to shoulder.
The remaining two bandits fled, leaving the road clear, and Ouka sheated her blades and turned to her client.
“Well, it seems I had underestimated your prowess. Thank you.”
She nodded, then they began moving again.
Her Byakugan remained active, and she scanned in front as well as behind and to either side, which proved to be a wise move, as the two who had fled continued to track them from a distance.
She continued to monitor their movements so that when one attacked her in front, she was ready. Moving with grace and speed, she monitored both opponents - one of which was preparing to make a move from another direction, which made this one a decoy. She sheathed her blades.
“Fire-Style, Great Fireball.” She spoke, then launched a massive sphere of flame at her current opponent, before turning to launch her next attack.
The other man, who had been moving at her client, stopped dead in his tracks, caught in her Descending Hell Technique. He broke off his attack to evade what he saw as a massive fireball headed down towards him.
Her other opponent tried to attack her from behind, having either not noticed or forgotten that his opponent was a Hyūga. Dropping gracefully below his line of attack, she turned and launched a vicious upwards kick that launched him twenty feet into the air. She pushed off immediately, appearing right behind him.
Then she struck
“Lions’ Barrage!” She hit him with a calculated series of blows that sent him spinning towards the ground. The instant he struck the ground she finished him off with a vicious axe kick that shattered his sternum.
Then, she turned her attention to her final opponent, who had shook off her genjutsu and was nearing his target. Using Body Flicker, she placed herself immediately to his side, then attacked.
“Leaf...” she said as she launched her first attack, a low kick. “...Great...” a second attack, a medium kick, then a high kick, “Whirlwind!” She finished off with a heel drop, slamming her opponent to the ground.

She and her client soon arrived at his destination.
“Well sir, here we are.”

-”We are indeed, Miss.”
-”Ouka, sir. Ouka Hyūga. I will remain on standby here until it is time to depart.”
-”That’s quite all right, Miss Ouka. I will be here for a number of days - you may return to the village. I will make other arrangements with my cousin for the return trip home.”
-”Thank you sir, but that won’t be necessary. If you will contact my by carrier pigeon, I will return here to escort you back to the village.”
-”If you insist. I admire your dedication, young lady. Kindly return here in eight days' time, then.”
“- In eight days then. I will see you at that time.” She said, then left.
The journey home was uneventful, but at least she knew she would be busy next week too.
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Mission 1: Escort Duty
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