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 Kyle's Fire Jutsu - They Be Hot

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PostSubject: Kyle's Fire Jutsu - They Be Hot   Mon May 30, 2011 3:50 pm

Fire Jutsu

Name – Katon no Yoroi, Moderu: Fenikksu – Fire Release Armor, Model: Phoenix
Type – Nin
Rank – S
Element – Fire
Description – By wrapping his body in a layer of blue Fire chakra, a few millimeters from his skin, Ace can utilize the heat created around his frame to vasodilate his blood vessels, increasing the blood supply and pumping the blood around his body at a much faster rate. This results in an increased blood flow to the head, arms, legs, chest and stomach. The increased blood flow to the chest allows the heart to pump more blood to the rest of the parts of the body. The increased blood flow to the stomach allows for quicker conversion of eaten food into energy for the body to consume during the fight. The increased blood flow to the brain boosts the user's eyesight and thinking, making them able to react more efficiently to an opponent's attacks. The increased blood flow to the limbs allows the user to hit with greater efficiency. Activating the Katon no Yoroi also uses a lot of stored energy from his body, with its effect being similar to steroids. It is called "Model: Phoenix", because it surrounds Ace in a manner representing Phoenix wings. Should an opponent attempt to attack the user with a Taijutsu-based attack, the outer, much hotter layer of blue fire will inflict third to fourth degree burns. It can also flare out in order to effectively reduce the damage done by B-Rank or lower attacks. However, due to the steroid-like effect, once technique is released, the user suffers from extensive fatigue no matter how much energy they have left, as the muscles are exhausted due to being so overloaded. They become dizzy, unbalanced and begin to suffer from migraines and muscle aches. The user is limited to Taijutsu attacks while in this state.

Name – Kagero – Heat Haze
Type – Nin
Rank – C
Element – Fire
Description – The user conjures huge amounts of blue flame to propel himself at high speeds on the ground or through the air.

More to come.
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PostSubject: Re: Kyle's Fire Jutsu - They Be Hot   Mon May 30, 2011 3:58 pm

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Kyle's Fire Jutsu - They Be Hot
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