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 Take out the Bandits

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PostSubject: Take out the Bandits   Sun May 29, 2011 8:04 pm


Sonya looked through her adjustable binoculars and scoped out the area. the surrounding jungle was more or less deserted from what she could see, save of course for the wildlife. "I don't see any sign of these thugs," she whispered, scanning everywhere she could see.

"Keep looking," Aimi said, swinging down from the tree branch above her. They were situated high in a tree, in prime position for scouting. "We're supposed to find where these bandits are and get those hostages to safety. Of course, kicking their asses and taking them in is always a bonus."

"Finally, a mission I can look forward to," Sonya said with a pleasant chuckle. for far too long, they'd been doing nothing but grunt work to help with the rebuilding process. While that was nice and all, she longed for something more exciting. Now was their chance. "Okay, let's scout sector four now. There are only so many more places that they can be hiding nearby.

And so the two moved on to the next area, keeping their eyes peeled for any suspicious activity. It wasn't until they were nearing the end of the last sector that Sonya noticed something through her binoculars. "Over there," she said, pointing to a small clearing in the distance. From what they could see, there were several tents situated in what looked like a makeshift camp. They knew it wasn't a civilian camp, either. There were no registered civilian camps out this way. This had to be the right place.

Sonya and Aimi moved closer, still in the trees. They made sure to observe carefully before making their move. From the looks of things, these were no shinobi bandits, just as reported. They were your average, everyday bandits, unskilled in the ways of the ninja, so weak that even a pair of Genin like themselves could easily take them out. That being said, they still had to be careful and make sure that they weren't taken by surprise, considering how outnumbered they were.

"I'll take the east side of camp, you take the west," Aimi said, motioning for them to move out.

Sonya nodded, heading to the west side of camp. She stealthily moved in past a series of tents, making sure to stay out of sight. It was dusk now, so the twilight hours were aiding her in that regard. She still had to find out where the hostages were, though, and see if she could get them out of there. Unfortunately... she didn't get very far.

"Hey!" someone yelled out. "Intruder!"

Sonya looked up to see several bandits staring right at her. Apparently, she hadn't been quite as stealthy as she thought. "Ah shit..." she muttered, as they moved in to attack her. It wasn't all that difficult to shake them off, though. All she did was perform a few hand signs, and pretty soon they were all running away screaming about being on fire. She really liked that genjutsu... it was fun sometimes. Of course, the commotion drew out the rest of the bandits. A fine rescue operation this was turning out to be.

A few kicks, punches, and grand fire balls later, the bandits were all plastered about the ground, either unconscious or twitching in pain. A few moments later, Aimi reappeared, accompanied by ten civilians. "Come on, I got he hostages!" she called out. "Let's get out of here."
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Take out the Bandits
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