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 Combat the Monkeys

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PostSubject: Combat the Monkeys   Sun May 29, 2011 7:26 pm


"Do you see anything?" Sonya asked, slowly peering inside the main area of the Kage's building. The place was dark, dusty, and of course overgrown with vines and weeds. Walls were cracked, plaster falling to the floor. It looked like the building might collapse at any moment for crying out loud.

"Nothing yet... but they're bound to be here somewhere," Aimi said, glancing around. "I mean... they're monkeys, they can't really be hiding from us or anything... can they?"

"Well remember, they're not just regular monkeys," Sonya reminded. "They're howler monkeys... these things are vicious. And it's our job to get them out of here so they can start fixing up the place.... you don't think this is going to be troublesome do you?"

A loud bang sounded from behind one of the nearby doors, causing Aimi to jump in surprise. "Uh, troublesome? ...no, shouldn't be. We'll be in and out of here in no time, I'm sure of it."

"Right..." Sonya breathed, opening another door and stepping inside. Almost instantly, she felt something land on her head from above. The next thing she knew, something was howling and hooting and pulling at her long braids wildly. A howler monkey was attacking her! "AAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!" she shrieked, running around in all directions, trying to reach up and pull the beast off. "Get him off get him off get him off get him off get him off!"

"Hey, hold still!" Aimi called out, chasing after her friend. She leaped at the monkey, trying to tear the furry creature off. She only succeeded in crashing into an old desk, which cracked and splintered in a cloud of dust. "Oof! Damn it..."

Sonya, too, tripped and crashed into (and through) the nearest wall. She landed in a cloud of plaster dust, with the howler monkey still bouncing up and down on her and pulling her hair. "Stupid monkey! Get the fuck off of me!" She screamed again and rolled around, trying to reach the monkey on her back, but to no avail.

"Just stay still!" Aimi said, lunging and grabbing the monkey. She pulled harder and harder, but the thing just wouldn't come off!

"Get him off!"

"I'm trying!"

"Aaaah, he won't let go of meeee!"

"He's so strooong!"


Finally, Aimi yanked the furry demon off of her friend and threw across the room. It crashed through the glass window, hooting the entire way down as it fell into the ruins below.

"Owwwww!" Sonya muttered, staggering back up to her feet. "Oh sure, this won't be troublesome at all!"

"Um... well it could have been worse?" Aimi said with a nervous laugh. "Um, well, come on then, we got more monkeys to take care of."
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Combat the Monkeys
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