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 Nurse Work

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PostSubject: Nurse Work   Sun May 29, 2011 5:52 pm


"I... look... ridiculous..." Sonya groaned, staring at herself in the mirror. "I mean whathefuckisthis?! Aaaaargh!"

There she was, standing in one of the underground hospital rooms, preparing for their mission that day. And she was dressed in... a nurse uniform. Sure, they might have had to help the doctors by acting as nurses, but they had to dress like nurses too? Come on! This was not an outfit she would be caught dead in on a normal basis, and she hated it right now. "I swear, I'm going to kill the one who gave us this job... I cannot forgive this."

Aimi giggled at her friend's distress. "Oh, come now," she said, striking a pose in the mirror. "I think we look rather cute, don't you? We're totally rocking these outfits."

"Say what you want.... I still say I look ridiculous," Sonya mumbled. "And these skirts are so freaking short. My god, if I so much as lean forward I feel like I'm going to be flashing everyone my underwear."

"Well, think of it as a method to ease people's suffering," Aimi said with a nod. "I mean, some poor guy lounging around a hospital in pain seeing a hot young girl's underwear... that's gotta lift their spirits."

Sonya glared at her friend. "You're so perverted."

Aimi stuck her tongue out at her. "And so what if I am? Now let's go, we have a lot of work to do. We're supposed to grab six blood bags from the freezer and be on hand for the transfusions. Then, we're supposed to go around to all the patients and check their vitals, and write down all the information on their charts."

"Shouldn't they have licensed medical personell taking care of this stuff? I mean... we're shinobi, but that doesn't qualify us for taking care of sick people."

"Yeah, well the hospital is short on staff these days, you know how it is..." Aimi said with a little sigh. "They need all the help they can get, even if it's just us lowly Genin. Now, let's get going. Long day ahead of us."
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Nurse Work
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