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 Grave Digging

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PostSubject: Grave Digging   Sun May 29, 2011 5:31 pm


"I swear... out of all the morbid, gross jobs we could have had..." Sonya mutterd, looking out at the overgrown cemetary, "this has got to take the cake." Their task this time was to clear the cemetery of vines and plants, to help give it back its lsuter (as if a graveyard could have luster), and then to dig a grand total of twenty-six graves for those recently deceased. Of course, it wasn't like all those people had just died yesterday or anything. Those were all the people who had died in the past few months, and the bodies were starting to take up space in the new morgue. They hadn't been buried yet, since they didn't have a place to do so down underground in the tunnels of the village, and the above ground cemetery had since been an overgrown mess... until now. Nope, now they had been charged with the job of clearing it out and digging the graves. It mad her skin crawl.

"Oh, come now," Aimia said with a laugh. "Don't tell me you're creeped out by a spooky graveyard." She grinned at her friend, coming up behind her and grabbing her by the shoulders suddenly.

Sonya shriekd out loudly, jumping a mile. "Hey!" she screamed, coming back down and holding a hand over her chest. "Don't do that! You trying to kill me?"

"Oh, it's not me you have to be worried about," Aimi declared with a chuckle. "It's the zombies."

"Z-zombies?" Sonya muttered, her eye twitching. "What... what do you mean, zombies?"

"Oh, you know the stories right?" When Sonya shook her head, Aimi continued, "They say that this graveyard is haunted. You know, ghosts and that sort of things. They even say that at night, the bodies crawl out from their graves and go in search of people to feed on... their favorite parts are the brains."

Sonya squirmed and took a few steps back, looking around. "N-n-no, that... that can't be true, no, can't be," she stuttered, starting to get a little frightened of... just about everything that moved. "Zombies aren't real... definitely not real."

"Well if you're so sure they aren't real..." Aimi said, passing Sonya shovel, "then start digging."
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Grave Digging
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