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PostSubject: Repairs   Sun May 29, 2011 5:10 pm


"Hey, Aimi, pass me that hammer, will you?" Sonya said, holding out one arm for the hammer, while holding together two large slabs of stone. When she finally got the hammer, she pounded the edge of the stone lightly, breaking off the loose, jagged pieces. "Thanks."

This time, they had been called to help the masons repair the old shinobi monuments in the middle of the village. When it was actually still recognizable, it listed every single shinobi to have fallen in the line of duty for Iwa. Now, it was nothing more than large pieces of rubble, but the village council wanted it restored. The names for the shinobi were still kept in the village records, so those could always be re-chiseled into the monument. What they needed to actually do first was build it up again. It was supposed to look like some kind of large obelisk structure, though they had a long way to go to get to that point. Right now, they were trying to salvage any of the old pieces of stone that they could, which might be able to be reused. Anything that couldn't be salvaged, they discarded. This meant that they'd have to find other stone that they could use, which would take some time to transport from the outlying mountainous areas around the village.

"So, how much longer are we here for?" Sonya asked absently, while lugging a huge chunk of stone across the ground. She groaned as she slid it slowly across the ground.

"Six hours," Aimi said calmly, in the process of smoothing out the stone that Sonya was bringing her. "Try not to kill yourself so quickly, we're not in any hurry, you know. After all, we'll likely be working here for the next few days until this project is finished."

"Right, right..." Sonya grumbled, pulling the stone next to Aimi and then dropping to her behind on the ground. "Here, smooth this out..."
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