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 Lookout Duty

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PostSubject: Lookout Duty   Sun May 29, 2011 4:44 pm


"Ach, of course this time we get the most boring job possible," Sonya remarked, sitting back on the roof of the old Kage's building. From there, they could see almost the entirety of the old village, as it was the tallest building. With their sharp eyesight, they could make out any large animals trying to wander their way into the ruins. Well, at least that was her thoughts on the matter. She just didn't want to actually go down and continually patrol the perimeter.

"Maybe," Aimi said, with a shrug. "But we should really still be down there where we can see better. If we let anything into the village, then they'll deduct it from our pay."

"Blah, fine, fine," Sonya said, with an annoyed sigh. "And here I was hoping to take a nap..."

Aimi held a hand to her chin for a moment, before coming up with an idea. "Okay, well maybe this will help motivate you. What if we made it a contest?"

At this suggestion, Sonya's attention had been grabbed. "Oh? What kind of contest?"

"The person who repels the most animals from the ruins wins."

"And what do we get if we win?"

Aimi thought for a moment. "Umm... Oh, I know. The loser has to buy the winner dinner tonight at old man Gato's Steakhouse."

Sonya's mouth started to water. "Oho, you're on sister. Just prepare to pony up the cash tonight, because I'm gonna win this thing." And with that, she was bounding off through the village, prepared to take the mission seriously now.

About three hours later, Sonya and Aimi met up again. When Aimi asked how things went, Sonya didn't answer, merely walking past her and muttering curse words to herself. She looked like she had lost a fight with a wild boar... which, in fact, she had. Twelve of them, to be more precise. She was walkign with a limp and was bruised from head to toe, it seemed.

"I like my steak medium-well," Aimi stated, walking after Sonya with a giggle.
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Lookout Duty
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