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 Gathering Supplies

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PostSubject: Gathering Supplies   Sun May 29, 2011 4:35 pm


Sonya let out a long sigh, as she opened the creaky door to the old, run down supermarket. "I swear, what makes them think there's even going to be anything left in this place?" she said, looking around the dusty and overgrown interior. Just like all the other buildings in this earthquake ravaged village, the supermarket, too, was infested with vines and other shrubbery. The shinobi tried to clear away what plant-life they could when they were topside, but with everything else they had to do, they couldn't clear it away fast enough. It led to the village having and 'ancient ruins' type feel to it, which was actually pretty neat in her opinion. As for her current task, however, she couldn't help but shake her head and glance around the toppled shelves, which were all mostly empty, ransacked by raiders shortly after the earthquake.

"Well, we have to try to find what we can," Aimi stated, scratching the back of her head. "We don't get paid if we come back empty handed, you know."

"I know, I know," Sonya remarked, walking through the old supermarket and checking every inch of the place. "Sorry, just thinking out loud." Being her best friend since she was little, Aimi knew how to put Sonya at ease. She wasn't sure what she would do without that girl there to help her along. Probably go crazy, or something. That, and she'd be bored out of her mind.

"So, you see anything worth grabbing?" Aimi asked, ducking around a stack of old shelves.

Sonya shrugged. "Not much. There might be some canned goods around back, though. Not sure about liquids; with the freezers broken, everything's likely spoiled."

"Unless they sold gallons of water here," Aimi reminded. "After all, water never spoils. It just needs to be chilled."

"Right, right." Sonya let out a long breath again and then continued searching the ruined supermarket. Eventually, she managed to find a stash of canned foods, including beans, soups, and the like. It wasn't much, but it was better than nothing. Anything edible at this point was welcome. Also, as Aimi had been optimistic about, they found five gallons of water in the back of an old refrigerator. They had to crawl back past the spoiled milk, which was disgusting enough, but they got it. It wasn't long until they finally returned back to the underground to deliver the goods and get paid for their services.
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Gathering Supplies
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