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 Walk the dog

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PostSubject: Walk the dog   Mon May 02, 2011 4:39 pm

Knightslayer, Dante

Dante was standing at he job board and sighed as he looked at all of the simple missions and sighed as it was basic simple chores today, he looked over at the C-rank missions and higher and they all seemed to be more adventurous then these boring chores. “Oh well, I guess I'm walking the dogs today...” he thought to himself as he grabbed the dog walking scroll and walked out of the building and headed towards the missions start location, “the grooming shop?” he thought to himself as he stepped into the building and looked around before he heard a womans voice ask him from behind “Are you the shinobi here to pick up Miss. Kazzegoku's puppy up?” Dante turned around and smiled as he nodded “first mission to, besides how hard can walking a dog be?” he asked as he saw the woman smile and disappear for a bit and returned with a rather young pup, “oh by the way, he's a shinobi pup so enjoy! Please come again.” the young woman said before Dante could say anything in reply he was ripped out the door by the young pup, “holy crap dog, chill out man!” he said as he managed to catch his feet before he managed to stop with the dog. “This dog is seriously hyper...” he thought to himself as he looked at the map quickly noticing where he had to take it too.

About half an hour later Dante finally arrived at the destination being dragged by the dog again, he sighed “this is embarrassing...” he said as he got up and noticed the dog was in his owners arms, an older woman was standing there looking at Dante with a grin on his face, “thanks, here's your money for the mission, and you remind me of me when I was your age when I first got this little punks mother, haha, take care kid.” she said as she walked into the building. Dante raised and eyebrow and turned around and walked off, “huh... at least its mission accomplished.
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Walk the dog
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