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 Sword of Kusanagi

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PostSubject: Sword of Kusanagi   Sun Apr 24, 2011 9:08 pm

Name - Sword of Kusanagi
Rank - S
Type - Legendary Sword
Owner - Aosagibi
Description - The Kusanagi Sword is the Kusanagi of Japanese legend, a blade said to be crafted by the hands of the Rikoudo Sennin himself. How it managed to make its way into Kumogakure no Sato is a mystery, but it is widely known that it is the blade with which Aosagibi was able to rise to the position of Raikage after the War of the Clouds. The sword itself is an anomaly; it has a pure white blade, with an orange and purple hilt, and a pure white sheath. It can extend its blade to attack from long distances, levitate in the air according to Aosagibi's command, and it can cut through almost anything. Even Enma, who is able to transform into a diamond-hard staff, stated that the Kusanagi blade could damage him greatly. The blade could prove to be a double-edged sword as well, as anyone who wields it is robbed of their ability to perform jutsu so long as they make contact with it.
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Sword of Kusanagi
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