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 Mitsukai Clan

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PostSubject: Mitsukai Clan   Sat Apr 23, 2011 4:37 pm

Name - Mitsukai
History - Those who were born from one human parent and one angel parent are made a half-angel, or Mitsukai, and are never fully human. These individuals normally appear like any other human, but possess the unique ability to alter their bodies and transform into their more angelic state, their angelic forms. They are often worshiped, and begged to perform miracles, and therefore keep their true identities secret as it becomes a nuisance. Often times, these individuals can feel isolated, because of what they are, and may not be completely trusting of others.
Kekkei Genkai - The clan jutsus can be learned, except ones that require being in full angel form, or platinum angel form, before the angel form or platinum angel form are learned. At birth, all Mitsukai are born with their wings, but they are merely extra limbs, unusable for flight, or for any real purposes, as they are rather weak. The real reason they are born with them how ever, is so they can become used to having wings, and thus become more skilled easier with them There are several sub-branches of Mitsukai, Seraph, who have six small wings, Cherub, who have four slightly larger wings, and then all the other angels, with two large wings, who go by the names, Angels, Arch Angels, Thrones, and some other ones. No real effect, combat effect to different number of wings.
Members - Kunitoshi Joukyuu, Aosagibi, Hitomi

Clan Jutsus

Name – Seishou Iro – Chakra Coloring
Rank – E
Type – Kekkei Genkai
Description – While normal chakra is invisible, and has no color, Mitsukai\'s chakra is colored, and the color is dependent on the person, often reflecting their personality, although not always. The Chakra color must be achieved before any other blood line moves can be learned.

Name – Wing Seal
Rank – D
Type – Kekkia Genkia
Description – A jutsu developed by Mitsukai clan members to deal with the clumsiness of their wings in day-to-day activities. The user will form a Tiger Seal, causing their wings to sink into their backs, allowing for easier movement. The user, however, will have a tattoo on their backs of their wings, which may reveal their divine nature. The jutsu is useful for hiding from fanatics or concealing themselves from enemies. In the sealed state, however, the user cannot perform any of the Mituskai clan jutsu. When the wings are released, they will be able to use it again.

Name – Chakra Jump
Rank – D
Type – Nin
Description – As members of the Mitsukai Clan are angels, their chakra is slightly different allowing them to create blasts. A Mitsukai can create small blasts of chakra out of their feet while they jump, allowing them to jump on air, rather like a double jump in . Only four jumps can be made, before the user will fall back down to earth, although the user can slowly exert chakra from their feet to slow down their fall so its not fatal.

Name – Gauntlet Strikes
Rank – C
Type – Nin.
Description – A partial transformation between a Mitsukai’s normal and true forms, this technique will alter only the hands, giving them the gauntlets gained in the angelic form, these gauntlet can be used to add extra damage to close range taijutsu strikes. This technique is naturally available when in one's angelic form.

Name – Angel Boots
Rank – C
Type – Nin
Description – The user forms a thick pair of iron boots around their feet, which increases the damage of kicks, and helps protect the feet.

Name – Halo Chakram
Rank – C
Type – Nin
Description – The user can create their halo from their angelic form, and can toss it as a Chakram, with a razor sharp edge. They can create multiple ones to toss, although each one acts as a separate jutsu. This is naturally available in the users Angelic Form. The cutting effect is similar to when Asuma demonstrated the effect of wind chakra on his knuckle knives, although it can cut through rock, it can cut through weak weapons. The user will also cut their hand slightly each time they grasp a halo to throw.

Name – Feather Dance
Rank – B
Type – Nin
Description – User must have their wings out, and can then fire the feathers out like projectiles. Multiple feathers are shot at one time. The feathers act rather like needles, leaving cuts and scratches, but unless they pierce vital points they have no chance of being deadly, and are mostly used to where the target down. The technique will drain the feathers from the wings, causing the user to be unable to fly if they are on the ground, and to have to land the next post if they are in the air.

Name – Angel Blade
Rank – B
Type – Nin
Description – The user holds out their hands, and their angel blade appears in it. The Blade glows brightly, the color of their chakra, making it hard to focus on the blade.

Name – Tsubasa Kasei – Wing Manifest
Rank – B
Type – Nin
Description – All Mitsukai are born with their wings, but until Tsubasa Kasei, or their Angelic form is learned, they can not be used to fly. With this jutsu, they can fly.

Name – Angel Dust
Rank – B
Type – Nin
Description – While in the air, the user flaps their wings, causing a shower of glowing angel dust to fall from them onto those below. All those hit will have any minor surface wounds healed. (Cuts scratches etc)

Name – Wing Harden
Rank – B
Type – Nin
Description – Mitsukai can harden their wings, allowing them to withstand damage, and to be used as melee weapons, though they cannot fly when this is done.

Name – Angelic Shockwave
Rank – B
Type – Nin
Description – The user channels some of their angelic chakra into their hand/or weapon, then slams said object into the ground, releasing the chakra in a circular ripple, that pushs back anyone it hits away from them. It also disrupts B ranked Jutsus. The ripple goes out 7m.

Name – Shield Of the Heavens
Rank – B
Type – Nin
Description – The user brings their shield from their angelic form to their hand. The shield can block up to B ranked jutsus and attacks, provided that the attack is small enough. Example, if a grand fireball is sent, it could be blocked, but a water collision destruction would not be able to be blocked. A or S ranked jutsus will also destroy it, adding extra damage, as the shield will break, and the piece may impale the user.

Name – Mitsukai Katachi – Angelic Form
Rank – A
Type – Nin
Description – Mitsukai's possess the unique ability to release their own inner power to alter their bodies into their true form. When initiated, the user will glow the color of their angel chakra, a halo of chakra will form on their head, thick iron boots form on their feet, gauntlets of metal colored their chakra color, White with a hint of their chakra color feathered wings, they will hover a few inches off the ground, and broadsword sized sword will appear on their back, which can be wielded with one hand, and a large shield will form also. The wings can be used to fly, but there are restrictions. The wings are rather weak, and would normally be unable to support her in the air. However, by reinforcing them with extra chakra, she can use them for flight. Under casual circumstances, there is not much of a limit as to how long the user can fly, but during a battle, because of the added stress and stamina drain, the user may only remain airborne for a short few minutes.

Name – Platinum Angel Form
Rank – S
Type – Nin
Description – The user’s appearance is similar to that of their Angelic Form, but armor covers their whole body, even stronger, and has a darker appearance. Their wings become stronger and harder, preventing them from having a weak spot, and the user can fire blasts of angelic chakra in the form of flying punches. The Armor renders them practically immune to damage, thought strong attacks, those with exceptional strength however will be able to break through the armor, and the user will lose consciousness when it is broken. Being hit by enough fire will cause them to bake inside the armor, taking high tolls on their stamina, and lightning will super shock them. Their sword will become imbued with their first element, if it is Fire the blade becomes covered in rippling white-blue fire, able to burn through things easily, if it is water then their blade can elongate and bend, like a whip. If it is earth it can cut through the earth easily, and absorb the ground it passes through, adding the mass to the blade itself. If it is Lightning their sword is covered in lightning, and deals a horrible shock to any who touch it. Lastly, wind, their sword becomes as though it was made of wind, moving around other blades and objects, although striking flesh.
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Mitsukai Clan
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