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Stats are what set the guidelines for how you character should respond when RPing. There are eight distinctive stats a character has: Stamina, Speed, Strength, Intelligence, Chakra Control, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Genjutsu.

Speed- how fast you are
Strength- how strong you are
Stamina- long you can last in battle
Intelligence- how cunning you are
Chakra Control- how quickly you can perform jutsus
Ninjutsu- how skilled you are in ninjutsu
Taijutsu- how skilled you are in taijutsu
Genjutsu- how skilled you are in genjutsu

Keep in mind that these are only very general guidelines to a character's skill


Each ninja rank has a certain amount of points to put into these stats.

Stat Totals

Genin- 13
Chuunin- 16
Special Jounin- 19
Jounin- 22
Sannin- 26
Kage- 31

Each stat has a maximum of 5 points that can be put into it, and can be increased by increments of 1


The Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Genjutsu stats are important for determining what rank of jutsus you can learn in each category.

D-ranks require a rating of 1 or higher
C-ranks require a rating of 2 or higher
B-ranks require a rating of 3 or higher
A-ranks require a rating of 4 or higher
S-ranks require a rating of 5

So, if you have a Ninjutsu rating of 5, a Taijutsu rating of 3, and a Genjutsu rating of 1, you can learn up to S-rank Ninjutsu, B-rank Taijutsu, and D-rank Genjutsu.


Each rank of ninja starts with a certain number of jutsus when created, and can learn a certain number after creation

Genin start with 5 jutsus, can learn up to a total of 15
Chuunin start with 15 jutsus, can learn up to a total of 20
Special Jounin start with 20 jutsus, can learn up to a total of 25
Jounin start with 25 jutsus, can learn up to a total of 30
Sannin start with 30 jutsus, can learn as many as they want
Kage start with 35 jutsus, can learn as many as they want

Jounin/Sannin can start with 1 S-rank
Kages can start with 3 S-ranks


A guide to dealing with Genjutsu in RP situations:

When one character performs a Genjutsu on another character, the minimum amount of posts that the victim will be held under the illusion is equal to the difference between the caster and victim's overall Genjutsu Rating, which is determined by each character's Genjutsu stat added to their Intelligence stat, rounded down.


Ninja A has a Genjutsu stat of 4 and an Intelligence of 3. His overall Genjutsu Rating is 7
Ninja B has a Genjutsu stat of 1 and an Intelligence of 2. His overall Genjutsu Rating is 3

If Ninja A casts a Genjutsu on Ninja B, then the illusion will hold for a minimum of 4 posts until Ninja B is able to dispel it.

Note: There can be no negative posts an illusion can hold, since obviously that wouldn't make sense. If a difference in Genjutsu Ratings comes out to a negative number, then it is automatically changed to 1, where the victim may dispel the illusion at the end of the first post, with little to no negative effects.


A note on Chakra Control:

Those with a Chakra Control value of 5 may perform one-handed signs for any and all jutsus that require hand signs. Anyone with 0 Chakra Control may not use any jutsu requiring chakra.
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Getting Started
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